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The RBCC March Business Networking took place at the Tatiana Hotel on March,3. The event was dedicated to the forthcoming Conference nad Exhibition "Russia Power".
The meeting that was organized by European Business Club ?New RF State Duma: What Consequences For Business?? was held in the Tatiana Hotel on January, 19, 2004.This event was organised to provide discussion on the new profile of the 4th RF State Duma. Mr. Satarov, one of the leading political scientists, and Mr. Ryzhkov, an independent Deputy in the new Duma, were the main speakers at the Round Table.Keynote Speakers:Georgy A. SATAROV (President, Foundation INDEM)Vladimir A. RYZHKOV (Deputy of the RF State Duma)
October 14th 2003 "Tatiana" Hotel participated in annual Holiday Trade Show, organized by American Chamber of Commerce. he exhibition was dedicated to New Year celebration."Tatiana" Hotel presented its New Year programmes - "New Year Waltz with "Tatiana" and Corporate New Year Party offers.